Forest Fires, Sunsets, Mountain Bikes and 4 Wheelin’

It’s dry, very dry here in SW Colorado.  We’ve had wind, warm temps and zero precipitation.  The snowpack has dwindled to all but nothing and dust has taken over.  While on a vehicle assisted mountain bike adventure I snapped a few photos as the sun did it’s thing over the west side of the earth.  It’s dry out there, please be careful.  The smoke from a forest fire drifting over the La Sal Mountains of Utah as the sun set is a reminder. It’s pretty but it’s also serious. I usually say pray for snow or surf…today it’s rain.June_2013_LaSalle_WildFire-2 June_2013_Alta_Puddle-3


About powskier

Born and raised in New Hampshire powskier grew up exploring the mountains of the North East. The mountains of CO now act as a starting point for exploration.
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