Sprung has Spring

Warm sunny days and cool clear nights are the order as of late.  This means a transition from ski boots and pow turns to sneakers and single tracks. As resorts stop turning chairs for the snow loving crowds, many single tracks are dry months ahead of normal. Despite some decent spring skiing available taking in the sun on dry ground has taken priority.  Spring always seems to evoke change.  It can be as little as wanting to clean out your gear closet (my entire bedroom), rake up the yard (don’t have one and I’m not raking the neighbors) or simply continuing to fill your lungs with fresh air that doesn’t quite sting the nostrils like it did a few weeks back, change is happening.

A short hike towards lions head rock would serve as the entertainment for our afternoon.  Our cast was small consisting of Heather, Moo and myself.  We enjoyed a relaxed pace taking in the experience and discussing what could be cooked for dinner.

Approaching our high point for the day a swift breeze carried the scent of green as it struck us head on.  The rhythm of my heart slowed as I began to look around and take in the view, each beat seeming to slow more as I sink into relaxation.  Looking left the moon held court on one end of the horizon.

The moons illuminator, the sun, held down the other horizon while we stood in the middle taking in the show. It is quite interesting to see the difference in blue from one shot to the next.  I rotated slightly less than 180 degrees and no processing was applied to either image.  Just what the sensor of my 7d was able to record of the amazing range of color offered up by bluebird skies.

It is often joked that dogs out number people in mountain towns.  On any given walk, hike , bike ride or trip to the liquor store (I mean coffee shop) you are more likely to see a ratio of 2:1 or 3:1 dogs to people.  Why not?  They love being outside, are attention whores, like to run until they drop, pee on everything they can and wag their tails as much and as vigorously as possible. They actually get bonus points if you can hear their tail smashing into things, I think dogs might be on to something.

The breeze was relentless enough that seeking a bit of shelter allowed further relaxation. The lee slope proved perfect with sun warmed rocks for lounging. The textures surrounding us were captivating.  This warm rock invited me to get close with the lens.  I was intrigued by the texture, not overly impressed with my outcome.  I might explore textures and macro down the road.

As the warm sun began her curtain call the walk home commenced.  The weather is calling for more change in the air over the next few days.  A cold front could bring clear skies followed by a shot of precipitation, will we even see some white?  I know I wouldn’t mind.  I thank you for visiting my blog and for the support.



About powskier

Born and raised in New Hampshire powskier grew up exploring the mountains of the North East. The mountains of CO now act as a starting point for exploration.
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