The Slow Lane

“Time sure passes quickly in the slow lane.” Abs Porter

Time seems to be charging full speed ahead.  I have had great powder days at the resort, chased snow up to Jackson, Pow turns in the back country, friends that are more like family visiting, countless face shots, lines skied, indulgent meals and smiles.  Life has been filled with wonderful things and people as of late.  All of this has me thinking about the statement Porter made.  When the best experiences, people or generally the most amazing times of your life are the moments that you exist within; time speeds up.  Spring is here and the turns have gone from pow to corn, but the reward remains the same.


Breaking trail for some friends


About powskier

Born and raised in New Hampshire powskier grew up exploring the mountains of the North East. The mountains of CO now act as a starting point for exploration.
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One Response to The Slow Lane

  1. The Hook says:

    The slow lane looks like fun!

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